Wednesday, July 19, 2017


"Do not underestimate a moment of your kindness. 
It has the power to change lives in way you may never know."

I think of you a lot, mum..
I recalled the times when your friends described you as a kind person..
I knew how you want to help people within your capabilities..

You never really teach me how to be kind..
"Behave yourself!"
That is the only sentence I heard from you always..=D

I do not know when kindness plays an important part in my life..
I am learning to practice kindness as an act of love..

Sometimes, I know I am just being nice instead of kind..
There is a profound meaning between being kind and being nice..
Most people are just being nice but not being kind..

Being nice means behaving courteously and politely so that our behaviour is pleasing or agreeable to others..

Being kind is based on wisdom and without needing to please anyone, including yourself..

To be kind, we need to be bold, daringly bold.
True kindness comes with discernment.
It is inclusive: within and without.
It is all embracing.
It is without limits.

Don't Be Nice, Be Kind! =)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I had Stopped..

"Stop the chase. 
Realize that just because something is hard to get, 
doesn't mean it is worth the effort. 
No one is worth running after. 
It is better to find someone who will meet you in the middle."

I decided to find people out when I feel lonely..
I decided to watch series of movies just to kill my lonely time..
I decided to chat with strangers through dating apps because I feel lonely..

Every time you play dating apps, 
You are actually feeding to your loneliness..
You are trying to ignore the fact that you are lonely..
You are wasting your time chatting with people whom you clearly know is of no point..

I agreed human beings need companion in life..
Through dating apps, 
You get to know new people..
You chat with them..
You hang out with them..
The cycle will repeat with new people..

After a while, I find this exhausting and making me feel worse on my loneliness..

The moment when I decided not to keep distracting myself 
because I feel lonely, I knew I grew again..

Instead of wasting my time, 
its time for me to look at a different perspective.. 

At least I have the real courage now to face my loneliness..=)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Take it slow...

"No need to rush things, 
If something is bound to happen, 
It will happen in the right time 
with the right person and for the best reason."

You are wiser after you made mistakes..
Mistakes allow you to learn, be cautious and take it slow..

If this is fate, time will tells..
If you are right for me, time will tell..

In this busy life, we just got to learn to take things slow..
This will allow you to have a clearer picture,
thus, make better decision..

As long as you are clear with your values in life,
You know you are walking on the right path of your life..

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


" Remember one thing: except for silence,
everything else is your imagination - howsoever beautiful, 
because only in your silence are you close to very center of existence."

Recently I quite enjoy being in silence..
Because when you really quiet down yourself, 
you actually can see how your thoughts are running around..

When you really silent yourself from any distractions (people, phones, social media and etc)..
You will be able to know your true self.
You will be able to know why are you keeping yourself busy.
You will be able to know what is your fear.
You will be able to know what are you actually avoiding.

With this, you can face yourself more truthful..

Do not questions..
Your fear.. 
Your avoidance.. 
Your ignorance..
Your anger..
Your joy..

But acknowledge them..
Make peace with yourself..

In a busy life..
Where you chase after money, love, career and others,
You should really have some quiet time for yourself..

Believe me..
The time spend on silence will be worth it..=)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Missing you...

 "It takes someone really brave to be a mother, 
someone strong to raise a child and 
someone special to love someone more than herself."

I miss you, mum! =)

Although I did not miss you every single day..
When I do, I still hope to meet you, to hug you and to talk to you all days..

Sometimes I wondered who will I be if you are still here..
Who I am today, will it be the same if you are here?

If I can trade anything that I have with just 5 minutes of meeting you, 
I will be so willingly and grateful to accept this trade..

Sadly, this trade will never come..
It will only be my dream..

Thank you for I have been smiling thinking of you..
Thank you for your sacrifices that makes me realize the importance of health..
Thank you for giving me this chance of living on my own..
Thank you for whatever you have did, is for my own good..
Thank you for I am proud to be your daughter..

Thank you so much and I will always miss you, mum! =)
Lets meet again in our next life..=D

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Loving myself..

"If you love yourself, you love others.
 If you hate yourself, you hate others.
 Because in relationship with others...
the other is nothing but a mirror.."

I am glad that I am on the right path..
Although it may be a bit slow, do I need to rush?

As I know myself more..
I think it is time to make some changes to myself..

After all, I am still young to fall, get up and fall again..
As long as I am standing strong on my own principle of life, I am doing alright..

I may need to let go a lot of stuff..
But true stuff will be always be with you when there is chance..

This is my life and I have full responsibility on it..

Changes is beautiful..
I have faith in myself..=)

Monday, March 27, 2017


"I have to really love something for me to want it, 
crave it, spend my time on it, and 
give it a second chance."

Hi my friend,
I decided to leave you as fast as you came into my life..
Thank you for becoming a short chapter in my life..

You allow me to experience the comfort of companionship.
You do help to temporary reduce my loneliness feeling.
You make me realize that I am not kind, I am just being nice to you.

Along the path, 
If I happen to do something that makes you sad or angry, please forgive me..
No matter what you said and do to me, I will forgive you..

I am sorry for cutting you off because..
I am stress..
I am scare.. 
I feel tired..

My sincere gratitude to you..
I hope you will be able to find back the confidence in you..
I hope you will be able to find back yourself, to know what you in want in your life..
I hope you will be able to meet that one person whom will choose to walk the path of life with you forever..

I hope you will learn to respect people as well as yourself truly..
I hope you will learn that happiness cannot be gain externally, start to look for happiness within yourself..

I hope soon you will understand that money is important but money is not everything..
I hope soon you will know that whatever changes in yourself, how you think of yourself is all up to your own decision, so choose to change for the better in you..

Always believe in yourself, I know you can do it! =)