Monday, February 5, 2018


"Aloneness simply means completeness.
 You are whole; 
there is no need of anybody else to complete you. 
So try to find out your innermost center where you are always alone, have always been alone. 
In life, in death - wherever you are - you will be alone."
~ Osho ~

We are always afraid of being alone; being lonely..
We rather stick to discomfort, sadness, frustration, and annoyance..
Aloneness is a deep form of you that is hard to understand..

There are articles that stated to be really happy especially in relationship..
First, you need to be alone; you need to know what you want; who you are..

I do agree that we need to know what we want in our life..
Be truth to yourself before you fall into any relationship..

However, loneliness is quite scary..
Sometimes being alone for too long, makes me feel scare..

No matter how comfortable I am being alone..
I do hope to meet..
Someone that can walk hand in hand with me..
Someone that I can fully put my trust on..
Someone that connects with me..

Despite the past years where I do tried to look for that person..
I decided to stop searching and slowly walks on my own path..

Deep down I know that..
I cannot waste my time looking anymore..
I may fall for the wrong guy if I insist to be in a relationship..

I can only put my trust that..
While I am walking on my own path, 
I will meet you along the way..

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


"Happiness happens when you fit with your life;
When you fit so harmoniously 
that whatsoever you are doing is your joy."

Since I started looking at the world on a brighter view, I smile a lot..
I realized that there are so many things..
To feel impress..
To feel amuse..
To feel grateful..

Do not cling to negativity..
Because things will change..

Do not take things to personal..
Because things might not be you..

I watched an interesting short video..
The whole content says this:
"We don't LAUGH on the same JOKE again.
  Why do we CRY on the same PROBLEM again?"

We will never know what our future will be..
Are we going to fall sick?
Are we going to have our own family?
Are we going to be rich or famous?
Are we going to get into an accident?

So no matter what happens, 
just SMILE and everything is gonna be ALRIGHT..=) 

Thursday, December 21, 2017


"Stop caring what people think. 
Stop taking caution in your actions, 
Listen to what you want, 
Do what you want, 
This is your life. 
Live it."

Am I chasing what I want in my life?
Am I on the right path?

Most of the time, my answer is a yes..
I have seen how much I have grown..
I am more clear with my own goals..

I am happy now on my own..
I realized happiness have nothing to do with people or things..

True happiness comes within you,
No matter where you are..
No matter what you do..
No matter who you meet..

Of course two is better than one..
I do really wants to meet another person that will walk with me..
People told me that I need to know who I want to attract the person itself..

Question is..
What do I want from a relationship?
I have yet to know the answer..

Sometimes, I wondered...
Have I met you?
Have I missed out the sight of you?

I still have my own issues to settle..
I just wish if I happen to meet you,
Please let me know..=)

Thursday, November 30, 2017


"Happiness starts with you. 
Not with your relationship, not with your job, 
not with your money, but with you."

I am not sure..
Am I really happy with my life now?

At least,
My heart is at peace.
My mind is at ease.
My body is fine.

I start to believe if you are really happy,
People sense your happiness.

Recalling back my memories,
I am surprised, contented, lucky, grateful and happy.
For I had changed to become the who I am today. 

Stay positive with your life.
Stay motivated with your life.
Stay hopeful with your life.
Stay happy with your life.

There is no path to happiness.
Happiness is the path. =)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Own path...

"Do not go where the path may lead, 
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Titi is a small town in Negeri Sembilan..
A town where Hakka communities reside..
Pretty small and chill town..
People here mostly are either retired, old people..
Or youngsters waiting to graduate from secondary school..

After all I have been through..
Finally, I decided to choose the path less taken..

Questions like..
Why do you come here?
Of all place, why Titi town?
Why do you want to work in a farm?

I cannot really give an exact answer..

Recently, my dearest friend asked me..
"Is this the life you have always wanted? 
Or the life you have imagined it to be?"

I stopped and think for a moment..
As this question never came across me..

I would not say my current life is what I have imagined it to be..
I would not say this is my dream life..
I would not even say this is what I want..

I enjoyed what I am doing now..
I appreciated what I am having now..
I contented with who I am now..

Everyone got to walk on their own path..
No matter how difficult it will be..
No matter how challenging it will be..
No matter how lonely it will be..

The legs are yours..
Stand straight and look forward..
You just got to walk on your own..

As long as I know I still can walk..
I will never stop walking.. 

Monday, October 23, 2017


"Love is a dangerous path and 
only those who have courage can travel it. 
To love means to drop the ego, 
To drop yourself, love means not to be."

Everyone has their own ego..
I do have my ego too..
I starts to aware that ego are pretty noticeable..

Recently, I saw egos among people..

Ego occurs in conversations between..
Mum and son..
Husband and wife..
Employer and employee..
Guy and girl..

I questioned myself..
"Does fear and ego related?"

Fear and ego exist together.
Fear is food for the ego, 
nourishment for the ego.
If you are dropping your fears, 
you are putting your ego on a fast unto death.

I guess I still have many fears to overcome..
Slowly dropping down your own fear will weaken your ego as well.. 
Then, you can experience love..

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

True Purpose..

"Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny; 
they have something to fulfill, 
some message has to be delivered, 
some work has to be completed. 
You are not here accidentally; you are here meaningfully. 
There is a purpose behind you."

It is time to walk into another new path..
Somewhere totally different from my current place..

Things gonna be different;

I know I am going to miss a lot of things;
Time I spent with my friends..
Time I spent with my relatives..
Some activity that I enjoy on weekend..
Some places that I visit occasionally..
Some food that I have craving always..

It is going to be difficult..
I may cry..
I may feel lonely again..

But deep down,
I know this is my new path..
A path that I must go, on my own..

No matter what the outcome,
I will never be the same..
I will find my purpose..=)